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About Kathleen

About Kathleen

Kathleen Loughery is an author and the primary advisor for InnerSight.Consulting. Kathleen is a dynamic, intuitive consultant and advises on strategies for success for her corporate and individual clients. Her work focuses on developing greater potential, monetizing innovations, branding campaigns and developing clients services and products aligned with strategic growth.

 As a management consultant, Kathleen’s work in research and development for future markets has produced results for broad forecasts of commercial yield and she directly oversees the results for continued strategic growth. Her proficiency in trending markets, social media and R&D led to the creation of two social media networks; one, a free Public Social Network and the other, a Premium Content Network. Her work consistently yields high level results for public and private sector clients that lead to innovation and profitable outcomes for future oriented long term business.

As a creative consultant, she has successfully worked with individual clients and their businesses in developing their brands, improving overall performance in their fields, techniques for solving problems and implementing new ideas for growth.

Through the creation and development of her trademarked assets Guidance Energy® and Green Ray®, Kathleen has made notable contributions to the entertainment, television and music industries. Many of her writings have been licensed for use by individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, academic institutions, and non profit organizations. Through Kathleen’s work as an author, co-author and editor, her work has been the cornerstone for many best selling books and texts prominent in the fields of economics, sustainability, spirituality and consciousness.